PhD Students

sinceAug 2022
H. Jasa

Numerical Methods for Non-smooth Optimization on Riemannian Manifolds

PhD project

Supervised Master Theses

Sep 2022
R. Dornig

Constraint Optimization on Manifolds

master thesisR. Herzog The code of this thesis was the main basis for The Augmented Lagrangian Method and The Exact Penalty Method available within Manopt.jl.
Jul 2022
E. S. Kjemsås

The Riemannian Frank-Wolfe Algorithm

master thesis The code of this thesis was the basis for The Frank-Wolfe Algorithm available within Manopt.jl.
Jun 2022
J. V. Kolstø

Support Vector Machines on Riemannian Manifolds

master thesis This thesis was awarded the NR Prisen for the best master thesis in mathematics at NTNU within the study year 2021/2022.
Congratulations Johannes!
Jun 2021
M. Weiß

The Chambolle-Pock Algorithm for Geometry Labeling and Segmentation based on the Normal Vector Field

master thesisR. Herzog
Jul 2019
F. Maschke

Geodätische Regression auf Mannigfaltigkeiten mit Nebenbedingungen

master thesisR. Herzog
Sep 2015
M. Löckel

Variational Models and Primal-Dual Algorithms for Manifold-Valued Image Restoration

master thesisG. Steidl
Mar 2015
J. Persch

Analysis of Local Anisotropies and Denoising of S1\mathbb S^1-Valued Data

master thesisG. Steidl

Supervised Bachelor Theses

Mar 2022
J.-P. Pfaue

Constrained optimization on Riemannian manifolds using geodesic polygonal sets

bachelor thesisR. Herzog
Dec 2020
T.-C. Riemer

The Riemannian BFGS Method and its Implementation in Julia

bachelor thesisR. Herzog The code is available at within Manopt.jl, see Riemannian quasi Newton Methods.
Nov 2019
R. Dornig

Regularized Clustering of Manifold-Valued Data

bachelor thesisR. Herzog
May 2019
E. Wünsche

L1L^1-TV-Regularisierung von rotationswertigen Daten

bachelor thesisR. Hielscher
Mar 2018
R. Rosandi

Optimization of Composite Bézier Curves on Riemannian Manifolds

bachelor thesis
Mar 2018
J. N. Arf

An Alternating Gradient Descent Method for Geodesic Regression on symmetric Riemannian manifolds

bachelor thesis
Jun 2017
H. Huth

Congruence classes of anisotropic patterns on the torus and application in the FFT-based homogenization

bachelor thesisD. Merkert, B. Simeon, and G. Steidl
May 2017
L. Goebel

Segmentation of Manifold-valued images

bachelor thesisG. Steidl
Jan 2017
B. Schmitt

Anisotropic Structures and Sampling Patterns for the FFT-based Numerical Homogenization

bachelor thesisD. Merkert, B. Simeon, and G. Steidl
Jun 2016
M. Brusius

Unsupervised Co-Segmentation with Histogram Priors

bachelor thesisG. Steidl
Jun 2016
S. J. Neumayer

Entropy Regularized Wasserstein Distances and an Application in Image Segmentation

bachelor thesisG. Steidl
Dec 2013
J. Persch

Directional Information via Structure Tensors

bachelor thesisG. Steidl
Jul 2012
L. Kausch

Multivariate anisotrope Dirichlet-Wavelets zur Kantendetektion auf dem Torus

bachelor thesisJ. Prestin
Oct 2011
I. Stolz

Die multivariate periodische Fourier- und Wavelet-Transformation auf anisotropen Mustern

bachelor thesisJ. Prestin

Supervised Specialisation Projects

see TMA4500 Specialization Project, Ind Mat.

Jan 2023
M. R. Munkvold

Low Rank Matrix Completion

specialisation project
Jan 2023
S. Sevland

The Multivariate Fast Fourier Transform on the Pattern

specialisation project
Jan 2022
E. S. Kjemsås

Convolutions on Manifolds for Deep Learning

specialisation project
Jan 2022
J. V. Kolstø

Optimization on the symplectic and the symplectic Stiefel manifold

specialisation project The code is available at within Manifolds.jl, see The symplectic Manifold and the The symplectic Stiefel Manifold.

Supervised Student Projects

Oct 2017
J. N. Arf, and R. Rosandi

Bézier curves in Riemannian manifolds

student project
Oct 2017
J. Settelmeier

Semantic Segmentation using Fully Convolutional Networks

student projectA. Moghiseh
Nov 2016
A. Engel, and L. Goebel

Segmentation of Colour Images Using a Regularised Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm

student project
Sep 2016
H. Huth, and B. Schmitt

Lösung der statischen Wärmeleitungsgleichung in der Homogenisierung auf anisotropen Gittern

student projectD. Merkert
Apr 2016
M. Brusius, and S. J. Neumayer

An Algorithm for Image Segmentation based on Optimal Transport Distances

student projectG. Steidl